flamenco latin jazz
Felag Mengu

A blend of flamenco harmonies with North African rhythms.

Mojácar Flamenco - Felag Mengu - running time 5'15"


A contemporary take on a traditional flamenco form.

Mojácar Flamenco - Bulelektrika - running time 5'15"

Mojácar Sample Tracks

A collection of sample tracks from Mojácar's studio and live concert recordings.

Rumba Salsera
Rumba La Fuerza
Angel Negro
Gracia Sencilla
Que Lindo

Mojácar's core ensemble is our flamenco/Latin jazz group. Blending traditional flamenco forms with Latin rhythms and Jazz harmonies, this ensemble has toured the U.S. and Canada and has released two CDs, Al Que Quiere and Mojácar at the Madrid.

Mojácar was great! From the first song they had the audience in their grip. Stephen Dick is one of the best guitarists that I have ever seen. He owns that instrument and it sings for him in every key, note, and beat and chord that he plays.
Fernando is a master of percussion. He and Katerina kept the beat going, weaving a tapestry of percussion. Katerina is a great dancer. She mesmerized the audience with her dancing. her movements were powerful, seductive, flowing, exciting, dramatic, passionate, beautiful, fanciful... in other words she was fabulous and we loved her.
I have to say that it doesn't get much better than Mojácar.
John Hornbacher, Hornbacher Concert Series

Mojácar Flamenco was of exceptional talent.| Lisa C Walker, Atlanta Jazz Festival

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