Mojácar's music is available on CD and DVD below.

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original music

original music
Our studio album, Al Que Quiere, includes many of our best-known and best loved pieces such as Fastango and Que Lindo. Many of these tunes were written while Stephen and Katerina stayed at the Fundación Valparaíso, an artists' retreat in Mojácar, Spain.

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"This music will get you up, stomping and swaying and letting loose your Inner Brazilian; it is, indeed, for everybody. You simply cannot be in a bad mood when something like this is playing, so get yours today!"

Crow and Wolf Music

Our live concert album, Mojácar at the Madrid, includes selctions from one of our best concerts ever, our 2006 show at the Madrid Theatre in Los Angeles. The CD includes movements from Cantan Los Fuegos, our arrangement of Manuel de Falla's magnificent El Amor Brujo.

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instructional cds
Flamenco Básico

We created this series of CD/Booklets to directly answer the needs of our students and our own needs as teachers.

We put a lot of emphasis on not just "doing" flamenco, but on understanding flamenco. We needed an English-language resource that would take a flamenco piece apart section by section and show students exactly what the singerr, guitarist and dancer was doing at each moment in a performance. We also needed a practice tool useful for us as professional artists and for students.

We couldn't find anything like that, so we created our own.

Each Flamenco Básico CD presents one or two flamenco forms. That form is presented in its entirety and the companion booklet breaks down that form, explaining moment by moment what's going on.

The CD also includes rhythm tracks for practicing. The booklet includes chord diagrams, and guides for playing the falsetas.

You can order Flamenco Básico CDs directly from us using the PayPal buttons under each CD or through CDBaby.

You can also download individual tracks directly through iTunes.

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The booklet for Tangos y Tientos is only available online.
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The booklet for Bulerías is included with the CD.

show dvd
We're happy to announce that the DVD of the show is now available. This hour-long program includes beautiful stage productions of dance and musical numbers from our best live concert ever with CD quality sound.