Romance Sonambulo

A Powerful Tale of Passion and Loss

Mojácar Flamenco presents the premiere of Romance Sonambulo, a new Flamenco Dance Theater work based on the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca.

Blending Flamenco and Opera

Romance Sonambulo features the talent of some extraordinary young artists drawn from flamenco, modern dance and opera. Dancers Sonia Ochoa and Albertosssy Espinoza are Él and Ella, two lovers struggling against death and despair to be reunited. Opera singers Maya Rothfuss, Gregorio González and David Castillo voice the lovers' inner emotions as the story drives towards its tragic ending.

This production, at the Bootleg Theater in downtown L.A., is part of the Dance Resource Center's Home Grown Series. Katerina Tomás was one of a select group of choreographers invited to present new work in this ground breaking series. Click here for more information.