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Mojácar Flamenco: Brief Biography of Principle Artist (200 words)

L.A.based Flamenco-Jazz ensemble Mojácar Flamenco blends the power, passion, and grace of Flamenco dance with bold jazz harmonies and driving Latin rhythms. The group’s core duo, virtuoso guitarist Stephen Dick and brilliant flamenco dancer Katerina Tomás, have toured the U.S. and Canada with Concrete Blonde, won awards from the Spanish Ministry of Culture, performed on Spanish television, and earned numerous grants and awards for the art they create together. Together, these artists will blow you away with the depth, beauty, and power of their work.

Trained as a classical composer in San Francisco and Boston, Stephen studied Flamenco with some of Spain’s leading guitarists including Manolo Sanlúcar, José Antonio Rodriguez, and El Carbonero. His music builds on traditional flamenco forms, mixing in a rich harmonic language and driving rhythms.

Katerina lights up the stage with her fiery presence and brilliant footwork. She studied flamenco with giants in the field, including Rosa Montoya. She studied in Spain with Juan Parra, Inmaculada Aguilar, Eva “La Yerbabuena,” and nuevo flamenco greats, Joaquin Grilo and Antonio Canales. She earned the L.A. Treasures Award for her choreography for Mojácar’s 2004 flamenco dance theater production, “Cantan los Fuegos.”

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