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sample videos
Bulerías de Jerez: This is a wonderful and lively Spanish Gypsy dance, the Bulerías de Jerez, features three of our company dancers in order of appearance - Rocio Ponce, Sarah Parra and Yvette García "La Sole." The clip is from a live performance at the McKinley Auditorium in Pasadena, CA.
La Caña: This sultry solo flamenco dance, featuring dance soloist Katerina Tomás, takes inspiration from the Cafés Cantantes - Spanish music halls - of the 19th and early 20th century. La Caña captures the romantic spirit of old Spain.
Fandango: Performed by a beautiful dance trio, including in order of appearance Lorena Santiago, Misuda Cohen and Micaela Castellanos, the fandangos features wonderful choreography, great footwork, and an excellent traditional/modern musical score by guitarist Stephen Dick.
Alegrías: The second part of our beautiful dance trio, this dance can be performed in conjunction with the Fandango or as a separate dance for both the concert stage and at events, weddings, and nightclubs. The alegrías is one of the most popular dances in flamenco, featuring lively, soulful and brilliant moments.
Bulelektrika: An electric bulerías, Bulelektrika features Stephen on a solid body, nylon string guitar, complemented by Paulo Gustavo on his 7 string bass.
Felag Mengu: This exotic musical blend combines the Flamenco Tangos with an Arabic Belidi rhythm, featuring drummer Johnny Sandoval on the Darrabukah.
Puerto Abierto: The Mojácar Flamenco quartet creates a modern take on the ancient song and dance, the Tientos. Featuring soloist Katerina Tomás.
Grana'inas: Based on a theme from the "Pantomima" from Manuel de Falla's stark ballet, "El Amor Brujo." Music arranged and performed by Stephen Dick.
Circulo Mágico: Classical music and dance inspired by Manuel de Falla's ballet "El Amor Brujo." Performed by dancers Misuda Cohen, Lorena Santiago and Micaela Castellanos, with a guitar arrangement by Stephen Dick.

sample tracks
Fastango: A tango gitano from the CD Al Que Quiere.
Montungo: A cross between a tango and montuno.
Que Lindo: A ballad dedicated to Laurindo Almeida.
Gracia Sencilla: A gentle samba.
Rumba La Fuerza: A rumba blending rhythms from across Latin America.
Rumba Salsera: A salsa rumba
Cantan Los Fuegos: Two movements from Manuel de Falla's "El Amor Brujo" blended and set in 5/4 time.
Naranjas Amargas: An American take on the Bulerías.